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10 Google Chrome tricks updated [2020]

1. Swap between different tabs

Do you know that you can switch between different tabs in Google Chrome with just one finger? There is a separate concern for each platform. However, users of the Android version of the browser can switch between different languages ​​by placing their finger on the Chrome toolbar and moving their finger left or right. In addition, you can slide the tabs as a slider. To do this, just swipe down in the Google Chrome Toolbar (top search bar).
If you're using an iPhone, place your finger on the edge of the screen to quickly move between tabs, and then swipe your finger in.

2- Smart zoom by double touch

Another feature of Google Chrome is the smart zoom. With this feature, when you double-tap the main content of a site, Chrome recognizes the content you want and zooms in on it.
With a smart zoom, the content you want to enlarge and chrome fits well for the phone's display. Of course, this feature doesn't always work well, but overall, it's more effective than zooming in and out of the screen.

3. Turn your phone into a full-fledged desktop computer as you browse the web!

Do you prefer the Chrome desktop version mode for web browsing to the mobile version? Fortunately, this can be done well in the "Google" version of Google Chrome. To do this, check the "Request Desktop Site" option or "Demand for the desktop version of the site" from the "Menu" section, which is located in the vertical corner of the Chrome corner.

4- Automatic Reloading of pages that have not been opened!

Sometimes, due to problems with smartphones with wireless modems or telecommunications towers, the screen does not open. As a result, you'll have to reload the page to see it. Of course, there's a feature in Google Chrome that does this for you automatically
. // Type flags. Now, tap on the menu (seen with three vertical dots) and select "Find in page" from the opened bar.
Now in the search bar, enter the phrase Enable Offline Auto-Reload Mode, then tap on the "Default" drop-down window related to this phrase and activate the Enanble option.

5. Google Voice Search It

doesn't matter what platform you use to search the Internet with Google Chrome. With this browser, you can access the Google search service.
To do this, just open Google Chrome, tap on the search bar, and then touch the "Microphone" icon.
In addition, Google's voice search feature isn't limited to using Google Chrome; you can also access this service when viewing sites; for that, tap the search bar and tap the X icon. Now, the "Microphone" icon appears; now touch it again. You can now say the name of a website or what you are looking for, or even ask your questions.

6- Google cloud printing

Regardless of the platform of your device, Chrome browser with Google cloud capability works well. All you have to do is select the Print option from the "Menu" drop-down bar. Then select one of your printers that is turned on for this feature and print the pages directly from your phone with Google Chrome.
If you don't know about this feature or have trouble activating it, you can use the following article:
How to print with your phone or tablet ?!

7. Enable Reader Mode!

Although it's unbelievable, there are still sites that are stuck in the Stone Age and don't have an optimized version of themselves for users who trade with mobile phones and tablets. To fill the void left by the optimized version of your favorite website, you have to roll up your sleeves and think of a solution!
Enter the phrase chrome: // flags in the search bar and ignore the warning "these tests may be dangerous"; we will take care of you. Next, tap the "Menu" icon and then select "Find in page". Now, enter the phrase "reader mode" in the search bar.
From the Flags list, tap the "Enable" option in the reader mode section, and then select "Relaunch Now" from the bottom of the page to restart Google Chrome.
Finally, each time you access a site that Chrome can optimize for your phone or tablet, the "A" icon will appear in the browser's toolbar. Tapping on that chrome will optimize the site for your device.

8- Enjoy the secret game of Google Chrome!

For when your phone or tablet is not connected to the Internet, Google has a very addictive game in its Google Chrome browser for you. To play this game, disable the "Data" and "WiFi" options on your device and then log in to Google Chrome.
Then, enter the address of a site and tap on the "Search" option. Now, "Your error is offline" will be displayed in Chrome. The dinosaur touches the top of the message to start an endless "two" game. The gameplay is such that the dinosaur starts running and wherever you encounter the obstacle, you only need to tap on the screen of your phone to jump over the obstacle. You can see that life without the Internet, so it's not hard ...

9. The "turbocharged"

Another feature that increases the speed of Google Chrome is the "Turbo-Charge" hidden feature. As the amount of RAM allocated to Chrome increases, the speed of this browser will increase.
To speed up Google Chrome, select "Find in page" from the "Menu" section and search for "maximum tiles", then tap the "Maximum tiles for interest area" drop-down bar. From the page that opens, specify the amount of RAM you want to allocate to Google Chrome. Tap the amount of RAM you want to open, then select Relaunch Now to apply the change.

10 - Activate the ability to "reduce bandwidth usage"

Another neglected and useful feature in Google Chrome is the ability to "reduce bandwidth usage" by compressing the information on websites. This feature has reduced our use of "bandwidth" by 34% so far!
To enable this feature, tap the "Menu" icon and then go to the "Settings" section. Now scroll down and select Reduce data usage. Tap the slider to activate it
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