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Large Bitcoin Collider Thread 2.0

While I was Browsing through https://bitcointalk.org I Saw This Thread for brute-forcing bitcoin Wallet.

Credits: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1877935.0

About the Collider

The Large Bitcoin Collider (LBC - a.k.a. Collision Finders Pool) is a distributed effort to find private keys to BTC addresses that have funds on them.

Because it searches in a very specific (low-entropy) area of the private key space, any working private keys to be found are either
  • result of bad RNG

  • placed there intentionally

  • collisions to "original" a.k.a. "right" a.k.a. "regular" private keys

The last ones we are interested in. This pool is not searching for brainwallets and our mode of search makes it very unlikely we would find a "brainwallet" private key sooner than a "collision to a regular" private key. Even if we did, we would probably not recognize it as such.

Project homepage: https://lbc.cryptoguru.org

Downloads: https://lbc.cryptoguru.org/download

Statistics: https://lbc.cryptoguru.org/stats

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LBC_collider

Discord: https://discord.gg/AyEfZrY

Development Server: https://svn.cryptoguru.org/ (requires auth)

What this pool does is - at the moment - in its form unique and thus requires novel and often unorthodox approaches. We are aware not everybody will like these, but that's life. What we can assert, is that the pool is no malicious project to discredit or "kill" Bitcoin. This pool also is not a commercial endeavor. Before we continue to enumerate what this pool is not, let's give some examples what this pool is or what it can be:

  • The pool is fun! While deploying the software may be hard - or even frustrating to some, people who manage it and maybe even learn something about Linux along the way, do show signs of of euphoria when talking about it. It's the ultimate hide and seek game!

  • The pool is thrilling! After all, it is similar to a treasure hunt and no one knows if he's going to be successful or not. Finding something - especially after you have been told numerous times you won't - can give you quite some adrenaline rush. As can discussions with the uninitiated.

  • The pool is social! Pool participants do compete, but not like miners do. Sure - the more search power you throw at the problem, the more chances you have to find something (and proportionally so), but we are all standing in front of only one huge mountain together. Some have bigger and some have smaller pickaxes - some have excavators, but all are eroding the same damn rock. And sometimes the excavators take the people with small pickaxes to the rich veins...

  • The pool can be rewarding! People do compare this pools "commercial viability" to mining and we are aware of all the arguments. We think these arguments are wrong - mostly - or at least obsolete. Comparison to mining cannot be done without looking at the mining difficulty, our speed and lots of other parameters. Using your CPU for mining versus using it for collision search is a different story today, than it was 2009.

About this Thread

Contrary to the 1st a.k.a v1-Thread, this one is self-moderated. So everything the forum says about self-moderated threads does apply here (if you don't like it, open your own thread etc.). Main reason is, we would like to keep this thread clean and informative - thus useful.

Keeping the thread "clean and useful" does not mean your post will be kicked if you disagree with us or the pool purpose. If you do so with sound arguments and in a certain form (see below), there is no reason for censorship. If you feel you need more freedom, go and discuss in the v1 Thread, but we will shift our focus - thus presence - to this v2 thread. Also all announcements/news from the devs will be done here from now on.

What will get your post kicked unconditionally:

  • You are on the moderators' ignore list (*). Sorry, there is a reason you got there and the moderator of this thread cannot have replies here he does not see. Let's take the ignore-function by it's name: it does not make sense un-ignoring you just to see if you wrote a "marvel" this time. Being on the ignore-list has retro-active effect ... I'm sure you'll figure out what that means.

  • You post low-quality content. This may seem like a very elastic definition, so let's be more precise here:
    • You posted a "one-liner".
    • Your contribution is smaller than what you actually quoted. Keep the quote/own text ratio at least 51% in favor of own/original text.
    • Your contribution has no relation to the LBC topic at all (thread hijacking) or to the current flow of discussion without bringing up a new and relevant topic of interest.
    • You posted something that was being posted before (redundancy) or as a question that was answered before (RTFM).

What may get your post kicked with delay:

  • Something that looked like a good contribution turns out to be a bad contribution

  • I was on vacation.

  • Your text is ok, but in a bad context. (I.e. if you got sucked in an argument with an idiot and I had to delete the idiots posts). In these cases I will try to preserve your text for you to repost - if still applicable.

Before you post, please consider that your posting may have a 99% chance to get deleted and ask yourself if it's worth the effort. If - on the other hand - you are convinced that your posting is quality-wise above 99% of the usual bitcointalk.org postings, you have probably nothing to "fear" (which you shouldn't in any case). These rules, which may or may not be complete, are intended to make this a low-volume high-quality thread. Useful for both newbies and versed colliders. See this as "censorship of crap" if you must.

Hints to not have your scribe efforts squashed and a little Q&A:

Contrary to usual practice you can and should edit your post if you feel there is some better or clearer formulation. Grammar, typos (except the intentional ones) should be corrected, you do not need to "edit:" your post because of that all over the place.

"What if I have only a simple one-liner question?"

If it's something you think is of relevance to a broader public, ask yourself 1st: "Why hasn't this come up already?" If you think you are the 1st one to see the problem (and you have our compassion there) elaborate on it! Make others understand what they haven't considered up to now. Then ask. If, however, you come to the conclusion the question may be of interest only for you - that's what PM's are for.

"I have Tourette's - will you kill my posts?"

Tourette's's fine. Just make sure to provide some content around it. (In case you didn't understand: This was about form vs. content. Content is more important to us)

"I have Dunning-Kruger - will you kill my posts?"


Old v1 thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1573035.0
German thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1581701.0

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