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Process hacker a FREE multi-purpose tool to detect malware

A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware. "
Process Hacker- this is a professional set of OS management tools working with the kernel through the Native API (kernel API) designed to manage processes and their flows, control computer memory usage, disk and network activity, manage state and parameters, install and uninstall services and drivers, can release blocked by others processes, to be used as a kernel level debugger and to search for some types of rootkits and other hidden processes, to delete suspended or protected processes that cannot be deleted by other tools (some of its features may not be available due to OS limitations or insufficient user privileges).
Note  [?]
Current stable version : v2.39 dated 03/29/2016
In development: v3.00 , we look at source codes on GitHub .

Note: source codes in the repository do not include all patches! Look for custom patches in a forum, topic, or on Git. Their use is entirely at your discretion and risk!
Downloads :
1.xx (MS .NET Framework 2.x is required for work) | 2.xx :   Setup (EXE) | Portable (Zip) | Source (Zip) | SDK (Zip) | Debugging Tools for Windows - link to the MSDN page for downloading the necessary kernel level debugger engine built into the program. About the system dbghelp.dll  [?] .
Test builds :
Development build  [?]
  • Official Nightly Builds - installer, Zip, SDK, sources. They are collected automatically after a new commit appears on GitHub in the master branch and they do not include Plugins-Extra [sup]*[/sup] (experimentally may include their 32-bit editions), the server may not have the latest version.
    System requirements :
    RAM : ~ 30Mb of memory  [?]
    CPU : up to 64 processors  [?]
    The minimum version of the operating system depends on the version of Process Hacker :
    3.xx - Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 and higher, 32/64-bit edition ,
    2.39- Windows Vista / Server 2008, 32/64-bit editions, operations using the kernel level driver are available in Windows 7 and higher
    2.xx - up to v2.38 inclusive - Windows XP SP2 / 2003 and higher, 32/64-bit editions,
    1.xx - Windows 2000 and higher, requires MS .NET Framework v2.0, only 32-bit

    To switch Process Hacker to " Portable mode " (the settings are stored in the Process Hacker directory) before its first launch, next to ProcessHacker.exe, we create the ProcessHacker.exe.settings.xml and usernotesdb.xml files .
    ATTENTION! Be sure to carefully read the documentation that is on the site and in the archives with the distribution! The program was originally created for professionals, and therefore requires a fairly high level of knowledge from the user!

In The Name of Lord Rama

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